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Traces of this epic masterpiece of creation can be found in ancient religious writings. It is to these scientists (referred to as "Elohim" in the original Hebrew texts) that Moses, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed etc, referred to.  It is now time to welcome the Elohim.

The messages explain how life on Earth is not the result of random evolution, nor the work of a supernatural 'God'. It is a deliberate creation, using DNA, by a scientifically advanced people who made human beings literally "in their image" what one can call "scientific creationism". References to these scientists and their work, as well as to their symbol of infinity can be found in the ancient texts of many cultures. For example, in Genesis, the biblical account of creation, the word "Elohim" has been mistranslated as "God" in the singular, but it is a plural, which means "those who came from the sky"

Leaving our humanity to progress by itself, the Elohim nevertheless maintained contact with us via prophets including Buddha, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, all specially chosen and educated by them. The role of the prophets was to progressively educate humanity through the messages they taught, each time adapted to the culture and level of understanding at the time. They were also to leave traces of the Elohim so that we would be able to recognise them as our creators and fellow human beings when we had advanced enough scientifically to understand them.


Now that Man has put his foot on the moon, and our scientists are creating life through the synthesis of DNA, we are finally capable of understanding our creators rationally instead of mystifying and dumbly adoring them. For this reason the Elohim have contacted their last messenger 'RAEL'. They have asked him to make their final message known throughout the world and to establish an embassy for them where they will officially meet with us and our world governments.



They want us to know they are not invaders. They have shown their desire to come but they respect our choice to say no. It is up to us to invite them - and our invitation is the embassy. It's the least we can do.

Without the neutrality of an embassy, free air space and an official welcome, an unannounced and undesired landing would have enormous political, economic and social repercussions with disastrous consequences world-wide. Nor do they wish to endorse any government, religion or ideology other than that of the Raelian Philosophy, by contacting any other institution first. Thus they will only come when we build their embassy.

Following the extra-terrestrial's instructions, RAEL established the Raelian Movement, an international organization to bring together anyone who wishes to help.

It is a non-profit, organisation; "non-profit" because no member gets paid any salary, not even RAEL himself. It is a completely open organization designed not to convince people, but to allow those who wish to help, to join or leave anytime.


Artists impression of Yahwee

Leader  of  the  Elohim

- To inform without convincing.
- To establish the embassy.
- To catalyse a society adapted to the future.

In the messages they kindly bring us a new vision of the universe, which provides us with the keys to awakening our own potential and a series of values to revolutionise society.

We are born into this world so full of blaring contradictions and injustices that we don't even notice them, we have got used to walking with our eyes half shut, ready to cut out suffering and pain brought about by the prejudice, greed and ignorance so inherent in this fear ridden old world. But now a new dawn is rising, we can now open our eyes to the reality around us and take action to challenge the corruption and despair with hope and purity, backed by the power of science.

Bio and nano-technology can bring food and health to everyone, it can remove the need for human labor and therefore break our slavery towards a monetary system and its lords, no one need belong to another or waste their lives away doing work they don't like. The accent can go on fulfilment and pleasure instead of on duty and survival. But this takes vigilance to see through the illusions of conformity and disillusions of normality, consciousness to act according to the bigger picture, and courage to challenge the old habits passed down unquestioned for generations, so as to bit by bit, paint a new multi-coloured tapestry of humanity, giving people freedom and choice to be themselves and fulfil themselves just for the pure pleasure of being.

This new philosophy, where spirituality and science meet, is taught at international seminars on every continent and is the final ingredient necessary to ignite a personal and global revolution of individuality, freedom, love and respect. It is already sweeping the globe and allowing humanity to transform war into peace, labour into leisure, poverty into fulfilment and money into love. The Raelian revolution is made up of people from all walks of life, from all sexual orientations, from all races, all ages, everyone different and fiercely non conformist, turning everything they touch into fun and pleasure.

Check your old religious writings, check out the latest scientific discoveries, check out the UFO logical evidence and our bibliography and you will find that they are all increasingly supporting the Raelian Message.

And most important of all, read the book "The Message Given by Extra-Terrestrials" the book which will revolutionise your thinking, transform your life and which is already changing the world.