Are you a cult?

To be perfectly honest when I was first asked this question I was lost for words.. I could not understand why anyone would think that the Raelian Movement was a cult?  'If you say cult, I look over my shoulder for a group of people living in a compound hiding away from society with weird religious practices', This was the stereo typical image that the word conjured up for me.  However, In truth, Yes we are a Cult.  I say this because 'Cult' means' -system of religious worship -(Odhams concise English Dictionary)  However we are only a 'Cult' if we also call Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism etc Cults... If we do not, then we are being of the same mind as any racist, or bigot, and this type of blatant discrimination is wholly unacceptable.  I was recently interviewed on channel5 news with ................. the editor of the Guardian News paper,  where Mr..... light heartedly called the Raelian Movement a Cult, I asked him what the word meant?  The next 30 seconds were incredibly interesting as Mr........ scrambled around trying to save face. The truth is, he didn't know, most people don't.      For many, 'Cult' is simply a word used to insult, intentionally manipulate an emotional response and/or to insight suspicion and hatred towards an entire group of people.  This insult has even become an accepted societal norm'.  This type of, on the whole, unconscious prejudice should be totally unacceptable to all of us as it is the beginnings of the same kinds of prejudice to that which the Jewish race suffered in Nazi Germany.  Black people, Homosexuals and many other groups have suffered from the same lack of consciousness and respect. In short this must stop. We as a society must stamp out prejudice and hatred of any sort wherever it exists without exception. We begin this process by looking at ourselves. Those who do point a finger and shout 'cult' are, in general, insecure in either themselves or the position they hold. The Raelian movement provokes debate on many issues, this is intentional on our part. On the whole, insults are the last port of call for those without anything of value to say.  Always when one throws an insult it speaks volumes of the one insulting and say's nothing of the insulted...

The Raelian Movement does not advocate 'tolerance' as this implies a certain amount of judgment, we advocate the total acceptance and love of all our differences, when respectful. This is the only way to achieve true peace and harmony throughout humanity. The Raelian Movement is an open organisation, any adult is welcome to attend a meeting, if you are worried, bring a friend, which is even better.. We are the religion of science, nothing more.  As RAEL said  "The only things labelled at Raelian meetings are the Exits, which you are free to use at any time ... "

Glenn Carter, President, British Raelian Movement.