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Dean's theatrical debut was in Jim Steinman's collaboration with Andrew Lloyd-Webber; Whistle down the Wind. He created the part of Amos, the local tearaway who builds his own Harley Davidson to escape with one of his girls.

This was Deans first musical appearance, almost 12 years after graduating from the Arts Educational schools in London.
'After leaving drama school my career took off in a very different direction and I went on a most excellent adventure in the Rock 'n' Roll music industry which dictated the next 10yrs of my life ... but when this opportunity arose I had to do it.'

Dean suffered a few serious accidents during his 2yr run as Amos suffering with 3 dislocated ribs, 6 compressed facet joints and a hernia.

'Whistle was a roller-coaster ride for me ... the highs where unbelievable, working with such talent as Gail Edwards, Simon Lee, Lottie Mayor, Marcus Lovett and jim Graeme was an amazing experience, but the lows will always stay with me as the safety aspect and company management side of the show was in my opinion inexcusable'



During one performance he road on stage wearing a big pair of fluffy pink ear muffs. This was at first misconstrued as one of Dean's stage jokes but it was in actual fact all down to stage management forgetting to take the ear protection off his head before he made an entrance on the motorbike.