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Tomorrow Never Knows!

Tomorrow Never Knows! was the first show Mick Walsh, Gene Jacobs and I had ever attempted to write. It all came about May 12th 1995 (The day before my wedding). I had an important appointment at 2pm. I was about to go sign my 3rd recording contract to Sony records. I arrived to sign on the dotted line only to be told the entire A & R department had been fired so all new signings were put on hold. What a wedding present! ... ...
On my return from my honeymoon, I received a call from Gene who told me he'd put some of my Sony songs in order and written
a story around them. 
One year later we receive the runners up prize in the Vivien Ellis Awards. And that is how my entire journey into theatreland evolved.

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1)   Ordinary Man
Turning into my Dad
Typically Knightsbridge
Don't Surrender
Heaven on the 15th floor
life 'n' Times
Where would she be?
Love breaks you down


A Dramatic Comedy with Music

Masks!  We all wear them don't we? ... I mean take Steve ... he wears a mask.  Lying to himself that everything's alright, yet his wife's having an affair, his business is falling apart, and his next door neighbour's just done herself in!  Well that's what they told me anyway ... I reckon it was that ecstasy tab that Mick gave her ... at least that's what Joe told me ... but what does he know.  Joe is Steve's old man you see.  Sad really.  They should have put him in a home years ago.  See the thing is, I reckon 

Steve's losing it. And to top it all, he's gone and fallen in love with his wife's boss ... what's he playing at? ... Mind you he's due a bit of luck  ... perhaps the baby on the way will help?  But you know, I've got a feeling it's all gonna end in tears ... and at Christmas too

Cameron Jack, Suzanne Rigden, John Wilder, Lucinda Rakes, Oliver Jackson, Dave Rivetts
Felicity Wren, Norman Bowman and Toby Kensitt. Directed by Affia Nakruma.
Staged and Choreographed by Letisha 'Wharley' Szabo