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A musical showcase review featuring three West End stars as ‘Reservoir Dogs’ style gangsters & a piano man who’s about to get it! Taking all the best gangster songs from Hollywood movies and the theatre world, this high energy tongue and cheek review will have you literally by the short and curlies.
This show is a winner … … It has something for everyone.

The show premiered at Her Majesty’s theatre, Aberdeen October 2005 to rave reviews.

“A truly magnificent fun night of entertainment.”  Northsound Radio  ~   “This show is original & very slick with brilliant injections of humour.” Press & Journal   ~   “The Man with a Plan (Ian Pirie) rocked you in your seat” Evening Express  ~    “The Godfathers of the West End shoot their way to a sure fire musical hit”   Sonja Rasmussen @ Evening Express   ~    “Virtuoso Vocals, Tormenting Tap, Great Guitar, … the only thing he couldn’t do was shoot the Piano Man! Whistle down the Wind's Dean Collinson is a name to be reckoned with.” Sonja Rasmussen @ Evening Express   ~   “They blatantly stole the kid’s ice cream … Oh, and don’t be late for the second half or else!” Northsound Radio   ~   “Nice Guy Freddy may have been involved in an ‘industrial accident’ but Not so nice guy Jimmy (Jim Graeme) was flawless as he smooched the ladies on the front row.” Press & Journal   ~ “Already booked for a return in 2007 this show is not to be missed second time around” Duncan Hendry theatre manager 

The show features Musical Director Nigel Lilly as the ‘Piano Man’ and the Virtual band on MD was performed by Dean Collinson

Devised by Ian Pirie and Dean Collinson from an original idea of Ian Pirie's Repertoire Dogs was a scream!!! I saw it at Aberdeen and was in hysterics. The dialogue was witty and very well delivered and apparently with only two days to go rumour has it that Fred Johansen pulled out as his girlfriend (Hazel Fernandez) went into labour so Fred didn't appear but all was not lost cos 'Nice guy Jimmy (James Graeme) flew up to help his old Whistle down the wind mate (Dean) out and what a fantastic job he did! I suppose I'm being biased but Dean was the star of the show as he did more or less everything an entertainer could do ...He Sung, acted, Tango'd, Jitterbugged, Juggled bottles, Tap danced, played rock guitar, played folk guitar, and even stole the kids ice-cream's  as he jumped into the audience to intimidate them. The Second act was the best for me as they did a section from Deans own show 'a life in the daze of Stanley Bishop!' which made you realise how good Dean's writing is when it stands up next to Guys and Dolls and various James Bond themes. The highlight of the show was Dean's amazing rendition of Razzle Dazzle. I've seen many actors and singers dance in shows but when Dean got up and tapped his way through coolly through this song as if dancing was his main forte and totally second nature. If anyone gets a chance to see this you have to go!