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Dean will be returning from a two month holiday to perform in West End international's European tour of a new symphonic Abba spectacular. The tour opens in Norrkoping (Sweden) in April and is scheduled to finish in Reykjavik (Iceland) at the end of May.

Dean will be a featured soloist in the West End International's Valentines Gala at the Glasgow concert hall on 15th February. This will be Dean's first performance in the 'West End the concerts' format. 

Dean's long awaited new album is to be finally released in January. Around the world in a hazy daze' is a collection of song Dean wrote on his 2002 travels to South East Asia. ' I had been so busy before I left ... Starring as Pheobus in Notre Dame de Paris & producing three of my own musicals for the Edinburgh festival that I couldn't wait to escape.  When I got out to Asia I was so taken aback with the amount of beautiful space with nothing in it but sun, sea and amazing landscape. I'd take my guitar down to the beach and just write all day. I wrote a movie Vampire script, a TV sitcom and about 30 songs, all in four months as well as experiencing probably the most eye-opening time of my life. I know it's taken time to record it but I couldn't, or more to the point, didn't want to remember how to use my studio ...' Dean has deliberately gone for a different vocal approach with this album, adding more edge and that distinctive rocky north west American attitude. 'I wanted to test my voice out and do something different and I'm really pleased with the result ... ... Just need to find a plastic surgeon to rebuild my vocal chords
(Only joking!) 



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