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Life and Times

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After almost losing his marbles from my first deal with phonogram, I was slowly introduced back to the music industry. In 1992 I signed to Arista records where the roller-coaster ride began once again. In October 92 I met my producer and good friend 'Adam Fuest'. This turned out to be the most enjoyable collaboration I have experienced. It took ten weeks to finish the game of Super Mario III and of course the recording of 'Life 'n' Times'.

Things were looking good, everyone was vibed up about the record. I had just been offered supporting 'Take That' (the week of my release). Then it all started to go horribly wrong. The A & R dept of Arista refused to finance the tour, on the grounds that 'Take That' weren't credible enough (Despite selling millions of albums)! So they then arranged another tour almost 3times the cost of 'Take That'  supporting an unknown artist called 'Tazmin Archer' (This was to be five weeks after the release of my debut single). Then onto my second single. The country had gone to war in Iraq for the 2nd time. So the A & R dept decided to release an Anti war song. The marketing dept. wouldn't finance a video as the argued no-one would play it. The A & R dept. then couldn't understand why no childrens TV show would play it (Perhaps they should've read the lyrics) and the marketing dept. who wouldn't authorize a video to be made. My third single is believed to have escaped rather than have been released.

Needless  to  say,  a  young  man  who  eventually supported 'Take That' had a number one record after the tour. 'D:ream' - Things can only get better!

Hello Hello
Words to that effect
Life & Times
This Time
Russian Roulette
Game for Losers
Measure upon Measure
Welcome to the CLub
Hello Hello was written about an encounter with a rather sexy female police officer.

Words to that effect was written about a young beggar/prostitute at Kings Cross station

This Time was based on a speech by president Bush during the first Gulf War

Russian Roulette was taking the piss out of the Tory government not being able to paint the door of No. 10 Downing Street

Runaways was written about child abuse. (This song was chosen for Child line but once again Arista wouldn't allow the proceeds to go to charity)

Welcome to the club was based on a true story of two girls travelling Europe with plastic calling cards saying you are now HIV positive!

Life 'n' Times was written by myself and my partner in crime Mick Walsh who co wrote the No1 hit 'Dirty Cash' by 'Stevie V'. but was mixed by everyone and his dog, which is probably why the project cost 625,000.00