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Les Miserables
 A new Danish Tour production by Rossen~Ronnow
Aarhus December 2004

This 4 month tour was in English and starred the cream of the West End - Fred Johansen ( Javert) Rebecca Thornhill (Fontine) Matt Rawle (Marius) Dean Collinson (Enjolras) Barry James (Thenardier) Di Botcher (Mme thenardier) & Jamie Farr (Cossette) it also was complemented by ingenious new direction (Matt Ryan) and a very original set design all which made this version a must see for every les miz fan on the planet.

"A truly magnificent interpretation!!! A cast of brilliance  headed by our very own Stig Rossen ... ...
                                  ... ... The part of Enjolras was exquisitly played by Dean Collinson (Whistle Down the Wind) who almost had everyone believing the mighty French army were no opposition to his band of rebel fighters ... and when the rebels where eventually rounded up and shot I was brought to tears by the realisation of failure Mr Collinson portrayed to his dying colleges ... ...
                        ... ... This is now the fourteenth time I've seen this show around the world and for me the story telling by Matt Ryan takes this version to number for me. Well done to everyone involved!
***** A MUST SEE" - Christina Christiansen Aarhus Times

"I never thought Les Miz would suit me, but when Matt Ryan asked me to play the part of Enjolras in his new Danish production I just had to do it ... just to be able to work with him. He was brilliant for me cos I really struggled getting my head around the whole thing.  And vocally I am everything that is opposite to the usual 'Les Miz' pretend opera vocal sound you're expected to hear in the West End... but Matt and David White (Musical Supervisor) encouraged my sound over all, which allowed me to gain confidence with the cast and the part" I love working with people who actually live & feel what they say and I have been privileged with the honour of working with Matt Ryan and David White. Thanks guys for everything :-)"
- Dean Collinson

The Barricades

The Barricades

The Barricades

Dean took both of his cats on tour with him to Denmark and unfortunately during one of the shows fell through the set and broke a tooth and a bone in his foot!!
"The set was built by the national TV station which was fantastic, but I dont think it was built with the idea of touring it ... and of course towards the end of the  run the Barricades which were ripped up from the stage floor every night became a bit worse for wear,  so one night I'm singing away and bang I fall through the set and I couldnt get up as the pain in my foot was too intense, fortunately I managed to perch myself on a box and direct the end of the battle from there...
... But it made me realise how poor the UK is for NHS treetment, 'cos I had an ambulance waiting for me when I crawled off stage, I was taken immediately to hospital where I was seen within 10 minutes. I had this amazing doctor that told me I had broken a major bone in my foot as my main ankle ligament had pulled the bone away from itself. He then taught me to strap it up with five pieces of special surgical elastoplast in a new technological way and told me I must walk on it everyday, and I walked out of the hospital that night and was back on the show within a week! ... And I didnt get MRSA!"
- Dean Collinson

One Day More!

Planning at the ABC



 ABC Cafe

 Matt Ryan - Director

 Javert (Fred Johansen) as a spy  


Trial of Javert


Enjorlas & Marius