Dean Collinson

Training: The Arts Educational Schools - MTC

Height: 6' Eyes: Blue Hair: Light brown

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1988 - 1991    Signed major recording contract with Phonogram records as lead singer and songwriter in the chart pop band ‘Blue’ (2 singles in UK charts top 50, chart position 2 in Germany)

1992 - 1995     Signed solo albums recording contract with Arista Records. Extensive work in America, Britain and Europe working with record producers, artistes and writers.



Created the role of  Flash  in  Martin Yates' Queen spectacular  'Another  kind of Magic' Phoebus in the original London cast of 'Notre Dame de Paris'. Created the Role of Amos in  Lloyd Webber's  'Whistle Down the Wind'. Enjorlas in a brand new Danish production of 'Les Miserables'. Created the role of Fernando in West End international's 'Thank you for the Music' in Sweden. Played the role of Simon in the Scandinavian stadium tour of JCS 2003.  Wrote, produced  and performed  in  the  Vivian  Ellis  award  winning  Musicals  'Tomorrow Never Knows' 'A Life in the Daze of Stanley Bishop' and "Bill & Teds Excellent Musical Adventure', at the Edinburgh festival 2001. The Burt Bacharach musical - 'Manhattan Girl'


Presenter on BSB’s - “The Power Club”.    Music interview appearances included: Wogan,  Jack Docherty show,  This Morning,  TV am,  Going Live,  The 8.15 from Manchester,  The Disney Club, The Chart show,  Wac 90,  MTV, Derrick Jameson Tonight,  The Late night show  and  Jim’ll Fix it.


Radio presenter  'BBC Radio Humberside'.  Extensive music interviews on  national and local radio stations.   ‘Live’  acoustic  concert  tours  at all major independent radio stations. 

International Touring:

Professional UK pop tours across Britain and Europe performing in front of audiences of up to 20,000 people. UK National and European tour supporting pop star, Tazmin Archer, playing  in  Arenas,  theatres and various  pop venues. Performing Arts Concerts in the parks tour 2003,2004,2005. Michael Ball Tour 1997,1998,2005,2006.


Pop Album released on Phonogram records. Solo Album released on Arista records. No5  hit  with  the  Song for Britain entry  'Better the devil you know' for pop star Sonia called ”, won song for Britain, runner up in the Eurovision song contest 1993. Subsequent radio interviews and television appearances. Had over 20 songs released on various records around the World.


Jesus Christ superstar, Hair, Whistle down the wind, Saturday night fever, Romeo & Juliet, Bill & Ted's excellent musical adventure, Tomorrow never knows!, A life in the daze of Stanley Bishop.

Vocal Coach: Mary Hammond, Helena Channel
Vocal Range: G below Middle C to Top D in chest, Super Eb in falsetto. Good sight reading and choral work
Skills: Guitar,  Bass, Keyboards, Trombone, Accordion and Drums.   Dance and movement.
Fencing,  Skiing,  Scuba diving, Rock climbing  and  abseiling.  Full  driving  licence.
Professional published songwriter