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Heaven Knows
Better the devil you know

One Heart
Girl on my street
Missing these kisses
Where was your love
It's happening again

Do me right!
Now I know (demo)
Pulling on the strings of love (demo)
You keep on calling me (demo)
Be my girl


In 1987 Dean left college and landed himself the lead in a new film with a possible spin off TV series called 'The Production'. The idea of the film was the rise and fall of an ordinary northern lad in the music industry (a modern version of 'That'll be the day' Dean had been asked to co-write the songs for the soundtrack with Engineer/producer 'Red'. They struck up an immediate friendship and went on writing what eventually became Blue's debut Album. Unfortunately in 1988 there was a huge writers strike in the US which brought the whole project to a standstill. Instead of waiting around Red decided to tout the material around various record labels and managers. The only way they could do this was for Dean to break in the studio and steel the tapes. Dean calmly walked in to the studio and started chatting up the receptionist, then made some excuse about leaving a DAT in the tape storage cupboard. Once in there he packed four 24track master tapes into a bag that he had smuggled in. Then he calmly went to the balcony and lowered the tapes down on an old washing line to Red waiting in a car. Two weeks later they had signed a management deal with Tony Gordon (Boy George's manager) and was about to sign a huge record deal to phonogram records. They were sent to the States to record, where they both worked with most of Madonna's musicians and hit writer Michael Jay (5 star & Martika) on there return they were met with a dramatic change of music as underground dance music had taken the country by storm. 735,000 later BLUE were eventually dropped after only releasing two singles. In 1993 one of their tracks was picked to represent Great Britain in the Eurovision song contest. 'When I heard Sonia singing the song I couldn't believe how bad it sounded ... I thought the production was so tacky and the tempo and feel was too fast' Still Better the Devil did represent the UK and came second by just one vote! 'We were winning with just one vote to go ... then we got the famous nil point, I couldn't believe it ... Within a day Pop idol's Simon Cowell had dropped Sonia and signed the winner to Arista!' The sad end to a bitter sweet memory of BLUE!