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Album Cover front


Mark Powel
(Bill S Preston esquire)

Norman Bowman
(Ted Thoedore Logan)

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Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan are about to flunk their history report. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a problem but, unbeknownst to themselves, Bill and Ted just happen to be the saviours of mankind. You see if they should fail that report, Ted will be sent to the Alaskan Military Academy, the 'Wyld Stallyns' will never be formed and the course of history will be changed forever. The only trouble is they're stupid! Confused? Let me explain.

My name is Rufus and I'm from the future. The year 2225 and I'm telling you it's great there. There's no crime, the air is clean, and due to the marvel of modern medicine, Homer Simpson now has a full head of hair. Well, I've been sent 
1)   Oveture - Anthem 1
One foot in the past
3)   Napoleon
4)   Son of a Gun
5)   with a little bit of you
6)   Relax!
7)   soldiers heart
8)   Anthem 2 (future dudes)
9)   act 2 - kung fu man!
10)  don't surrender
11)  I'm the king!
12)  the history report
13)  people wanna party!
14)  Anthem 3
back in time by the 'Excellent Ones' to San Dimas 2000 AD to try and keep the two 'Great Ones' on the right track. With the aid of a time traveling telephone box, Bill and Ted travel through time in what can only be described as a most 'Excellent Musical Adventure' and pick up famous history dudes to help them with their report. They encounter the Adam and the Ants sound-alike, 'Napoleon' who takes us through the battle of Waterloo. That rootin' tootin', line dancin' 'Billy the Kid' who shot down twenty-one men. The Madonna crazy 'Joan of Arc'. The fast as lightening, Kung Fu fighting 'Genghis Khan' and the mad psychiatrist 'Sigmond Freud' who sings his Relax song to a young depressed 'Adolf Hitler'.

Edinburgh festival 2001
Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as planned. Bill and Ted accidentally dialled the number 666 and crash-landed into Hell. With the phone booth totally totalled, Bill, Ted and the history dudes, had to fend for themselves in a series of deadly duels against the world's most evil game show host Mr. Grim Reaper. However, even with Grim cheating in all the contests. Bill and Ted managed to out do the Dr of Death, who reluctantly agreed to transport our heroes back to San Dimas 2000, with the help of his ruby slippers.

Ooh gotta go, they've just arrived. Lets all pray they pass that report Oh yeah, I nearly forgot ... ...

With songs from the award winning songwriters Dean Collinson and Mick Walsh (actually they're pretty big in the year 2225 too) Bill And Ted's Excellent Musical Adventure is a most bodacious romp through history. Leaving us with the message that if we are 'Excellent to each other' then the world will be a most 'Triumphant' place.

Party on dudes. Be excellent always!

A 30 minute excerpt of Bill & Ted's Excellent Musical Adventure was premiered at Greenwich Theatre, May 2000. The original cast was. Mark Powell, Norman Bowman, John Wilder, Katie Night Adams, Lewis Griffis, Gerard Bentall, Jo Gatt, Jeff Crosland and Gene Jacobs. Directed by Suzanne Rigden.

In 2001 the full version of Bill & Ted premiered at the Edinburgh festival