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Around the world
in a hazy daze


1)   Stand by you
2)   Beautiful sky
3)   Nothing exciting to do
4)   Ganja girl
5)   If it's not about love
6)   Silver-screen
7)   Ride along the Milky Way
8)   Me love you long time
9)   I've bin missin' you
10) Why?
11) Blue for you
12) From the heart
You are beautiful
Say goodbye






At the end of 2001 I was totally burnt out. I'd spent three and half years employed in the very new but strange world of Musical Theatre, starring in Whistle down the wind & Notre Dame de Paris. On top of that I produced my own three shows for the Edinburgh festival (2001) as well as having to cope with losing my dear Nana and going through a painful divorce. I decided to pack up and go travelling around South East Asia. I spent 6 months travelling through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia where I managed to write a TV sitcom, a vampire movie and about 30 songs. I couldn't believe how such a short trip could inspire me so much. I met some incredible people who taught me the local cultures. I saw poverty beyond your wildest dreams and I also learnt to see true beauty in even the simplest of creations. I struggled with a tropical illness that almost brought me to the brink of death. I experienced an accident that left me temporarily crippled with a hole in my right foot, totally dependent on a local who couldn't speak my tongue. It is something that I will cherish for the rest off my life. Many of my experiences I wrote down in the form of songs which I compiled onto this album. The title speaks for itself!