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Another kind of magic  

Another Kind of Magic was devised by West End international's Martin Yates. It is a musical symphonic spectacular telling the story of good against evil.


There are four characters involved. Flash the hero (Dean Collinson), Ming the evil dictator (James Graeme), Killer Queen (Sally Anne Triplett) and the Head of the Republic (Hazel Fernandez).

The plot is simple. The evil dictator plans to take over the world. So he invents a robot killer and sends it to destroy the keeper of peace (our hero). She is cunning and lures him to the evil dictators lair by using her sexuality, prizing herself between the head of the republic and our hero. Once imprisoned in the dungeons of hell. 

Bohemian.mp3  Champion.mp3

The evil dictator launches a massive attack on the rest of the world. However due to some bad programming, the killer queen eventually falls in love with our hero and betrays her dictator. Our hero manages to escape back to the republic and warns of an imminent attack. There is a futile battle in which the evil dictator is forced to surrender. Realising his killer queen has betrayed him cold bloodedly relives her of her duties. The evil dictator is then put on trail where he is found guilty of his war crimes. The world is saved!
Due to 'We will Rock You!' opening in the West End, London. Another kind of Magic is not allowed to be performed in the UK. However, the show has gone down a storm in Estonia, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Guttenberg, Chester (2001), Stockholm. Performing in front of 10,000 capacity audiences. It is rumoured to be going to Broadway in 2003.

The symphonic 'Queen' spectacular is performed by 4 soloist, a 76 piece orchestra, a 24 piece choir, a 6 piece rock band and 3 rock backing vocalists. You can buy the double CD from